Research is the critical first step in formulating a winning digital strategy

Our starting point is to find out everything about you business. We need to understand your business strategy, your goals, the market you operate in, how you sell, who your customers are and how they research your product, who is your competition. This information is crucial to us being able to pinpoint the most effective ways to grow your business and prioritise those in a form of a plan, or strategy.

Audience profiling

During the research and business analysis, one of our main goals is to get a deeper understanding of all different types of customers you might have. In addition to that, we look at what search terms they are using to find your products, what social media platforms they are on, and what are the most important factors for them when making a purchasing decision. We need to get inside your customers heads and figure out their main problems. Because once we know their problems, we can offer them solutions and that’s when the sales will start rolling in. This is an ongoing process, but having a look at this early in the process is invaluable and will dictate a lot of design, development and marketing decisions.

Competition Research

As part of the competition research, we will determine traffic strategy of your main competitors. That will tell us where their traffic is coming from and what their most profitable traffic sources are.

This information will give us a good indication and a starting point for your own traffic strategy. As with most long-term strategies, putting all eggs in one basket is rarely a good idea. So we would recommend focusing on multiple traffic sources/strategies. These strategies include SEO to increase your organic traffic, social media, paid advertising like Goggle AdWords and Facebook/Instagram Ads, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, etc. Multiple sources of traffic will provide you with multiple sources of sales and will make your business less volatile to possible negative changes affecting any single source. 

Most importantly, we would continually monitor every single traffic source to ensure that you are getting required return on your investment. 

research & business analysis

How much research is needed?

That varies from project to project and can be tailored to suit your needs. The time required to complete the research if often dictated by the complexity of your product/service, level of competition in your industry and your value proposition. We are flexible on how we conduct this stage. Small stakeholder workgroups are very effective in kick-starting the process.

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